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Changing Text Alignment in Multiple Styles

Ok, I am still stumped; anyone? Just need to change (in STYLE) Text Placement, Vertical -> Centered and Text Alignment -> Horizontal.

Posted: by ettore_c

2014 Creating Custom Piping Valves as pipe fittings to change pipe size and valve size at one time

I've been working on this to make it easier for our design teams. I was able to modify my ball valve family with out any problems and it seems to work well (I adjusted the family category to "pipe fitting, union" and I changed all the parameters from the original valve to be "instance" parameters...

Posted: by asc

2016 Project Information Attributes in Title Block Family

I'm trying to set up some title block templates for my company, which does a lot of Facilities Maintenance/Management work. As such, my company wants floor plans that list the building name, building number, etc on each floor plan that we have. I know that within the "Project Information"...

Posted: by cantcacheme

Ability to Delete Viewport Types

You can purge unused Viewport Types in the "Purge Unused" dialog (Manage Tab). You can also delete View Titles under "Annotation symbols" in the Families tree of the Project Browser (or purge them as well). *Note on "Purge Unused"*: it's most effective to click the "Check None" button and...

Posted: by CAtDiva

2014 Worksharing visualization memory... Does Revit remember all users?

I'm quality checking a project file and noticed that in the Worksharing Visualization settings, it lists many if not all the users on the project for the purpose of managing their colors and I am wondering, is this the total number of users who have edited worked in this project? Image:...

Posted: by ACE001

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Are you planning on attending AU2015 in Las Vegas this year? AUGI is rewarding the first 150 AUGI members who register with a free one year AUGI Premier Membership. Earlier this summer AUGI President Bob Bell discussed AUGI support for...


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Ability to Delete Viewport Types

I have created too many Viewport types in my template and would like to be able to delete some of the types.


Units Conversion

I understand you are able to set unit using “insunits” to have a drawing insert into another drawing at the proper scale, but the problem is it is just scaled down (or up).  If the drawing you are trying to insert has several levels…


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