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2015 show pipe centerlines when insulation is turned off.

we have recently invested in SysQue to take Revit into Fab. as most of the projects that we work on need us to show the insulation for coordination purposes, i can't just draw the system without insulation. for our plan views we need to show the center lines, but don't want to show the insulation....

Posted: by vinnygolfer

2015 Running Revit on a Mac?

Been a PC user from the beginning. Bought a Mac Mini for personal use a couple of years ago and love it. Need a new computer and considering Mac. Can any Revit Mac users share their experiences/thoughts?

Posted: by ctc

2015 Exact Dimension Format

Looks like Revit can indeed express an increment smaller than 1/256" by using 4 decimal places. I recall one time where I had two roofs with co-planar faces that wouldn't join properly because of a discrepancy of less than 1/256". Using our normal dimensions would not reveal the discrepancy but...

Posted: by patricks

2014 Doors and Room Calculation points

Other major flaw: That Room Calculation Point should be an Instance and allow you to drag every single Door's RCP to wherever you want it. The main problem with this feature is that it was originally designed for Diffusers and Lights which are often above the Ceiling. It was adapted for Doors,...

Posted: by DaveP

2015 split face and brick patterns

What you're seeing in the sketch mode is the pattern of the overall wall surface pattern. In the result, it's the painted pattern that's shifted a bit. You should be able to tab-select the pattern lines in the painted area to get it lined up with the main wall's pattern.

Posted: by patricks

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AUGIWorld April 2015 Issue Released!

The Autodesk user community looks forward to spring and the annual release of new versions of Autodesk software, and this year is no exception. AUGIWorld authors have been hard at work slicing and dicing the new releases to bring you...


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Floors to act as Pads

Please provide a ‘check box’ (similar for Walls becoming ‘Structural’ or ‘Room Bounding’) for Floors to act as Pads and cut the topography below.


exporting text to autocad

When exporting to AutoCAD from Revit, I would like too see text exported to muliti line text, instead of individual lines of text.


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