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2013 Creating custom line types with oblique text style

---Quote (Originally by bkagarise.216541)--- I would also add that Arial fonts have another advantage. The text stays the some "boldness" regardless of the lineweight; it stays legible even if the lineweight is increased to make a particular linetype stand out in a drawing. ---End Quote--- and...

Posted: by cadtag

2009 Keeping a polyline on seperate layers...

Uhm no. A Pline is a single entity. Entities can only belong to a single layer. (with old style fat plines, you could do some tricks with LISP, but A) it was never visible, and B) would crash things) Instead of JOINing the pline segments together, you could use the GROUP command to get them...

Posted: by cadtag

2015 AutoCAD LT Script that changes multiple attributes across multiple drawings

There's a reason that Adesk sells LT for so much less than full. Without programmability, it's so limited that you will spend huge amounts of time doing repetitive tasks. Their idea, is that if you need productivity, you should get the full $4K package. So that's the 'official' route to take. ...

Posted: by cadtag

2014 Autocad Lineweights

---Quote (Originally by pinckney3)--- Editing the lineweights in the Plot Style tables, in my limited experimenting experience, doesn't seem to change the choices made available within the Layer Manager or Properties Palette. ---End Quote--- That either a Bug, or a Feature, or an Issue, but...

Posted: by cadtag

Altering a savetime LISP

The reactor in C:ALERTME runs VTF any time a sysVar is Changed. Then VTF checks and resets if necessary first SAVETIME then PICKFIRST. You can do this with as many variables as you like. Keep an eye on the command line for the "Warning…" messages so you will know what action caused the change to...

Posted: by Tom Beauford

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AUGI HotNews - June 2015

Read the full issue (must be logged into in your browser. The full issue contains the below articles, plus sections - Forum Hot Topics, Want to Volunteer?, Special Announcements, HP Workstations, Articles You May Have Missed, Heads Up, Autodesk...


AUGIWorld June 2015 Issue Released!

There's no need to sell AUGI members on the power of Autodesk software. That said, there are areas within the products that could use a little extra efficiency or functionality that makes the base software a better fit for a...


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Need Dynamic Blocks in Multileaders

Currently, in order to create a different option for a multileader with a user block, you have to make a separate style for each option you wish to use. By allowing the use of dynamic blocks as the user block, the user could just change…


Add file count to Publish window

Microsoft’s Windows File Explorer allows you to see the number of files you have selected in a folder. You see the number of files selected in the status bar at the bottom left corner of the window.  It would be nice to see…


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