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2014 secret duplicate Revit files on C: drive

Are you talking about the Journal folder where you could see some families? If so they should be here: %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Autodesk\Revit\Autodesk Revit 2015\Journals

Posted: by dhurtubise

2015 Créer une couvertine en tête de mur rideau

Merci pour vos réponses, Alors effectivement je pense que le plus simple est l'extrusion in situ. en passant par le quadrillage du mur rideau ca peut passer mais c'est beaucoup plus contraignant pour bien caler le profil. En encore cela veut dire qu'il faut impérativement que le bord...

Posted: by flebeurrier696331

2014 Create form from Mass intersecting line

Hello, I was looking on how to create a vertical Form that would pickup from a waving line both horizontally and vertically. I would rather to use a Reference Line so that I can change the Form shape easily in the future but whenever I select Pick Lines the RefLine ends up flat on the 2D...

Posted: by jagostinho

Visual lisp from excel

You can't get xl to execute lisp directly. The only possible way is to have vba send some text to autocad where it can be executed as lisp. Use Document.SendCommand. Just keep in mind that this vba function is asynchronous. It will run after your vba is finished running, so you can't expect to wait...

Posted: by Ed Jobe

2014 Family Editor Line Subcategory Question

This my be a silly question but i've always wondered what the difference is between [Cut] & [Projection] ?? Can somebody explain please ?

Posted: by kathey1

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exporting text to autocad

When exporting to AutoCAD from Revit, I would like too see text exported to muliti line text, instead of individual lines of text.


multiple labels based on annotation scale

I would like to see any civil objects (points, structures etc) that only have one label leader to have multiple label leaders based on annotation scale, kind of like how autocad primitive dimensions handle annotation. I first thought of having multiple label objects, like how…


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