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2015 Something is up with my project's elevation above sea level

Topo created using the Owner's surveyor's CAD file, using Create From Import and selecting the layers the topo lines are on. We've been doing site and building in the same file recently after discovering the method described in a post on here from jeffh a few years back. It involves unclipping...

Posted: by patricks

Thinking of purchasing 360 Glue

I've heard good things about Field and Glue. I haven't had to do much with it, but we've had many contractors that were using (and paying for) it. We just starting using the new C4R (Collaborate for Revit), think Revit server, but on a cloud (AWS site) so your firm doesn't need to worry about the...

Posted: by david_peterson

Tool Pallets

---Quote (Originally by ttemples707712)--- I am using AutoCAD Architecture 2016. It worked in 2014, but seems this was taken out in 2015 and I have yet to figure out where and how to make it work. ---End Quote--- Have you attempted to run it as just AutoCAD? This should allow for the import /...

Posted: by Opie

2015 Is there any real way to rotate one building, along with all its documentation?

One building needs to rotate one degree, relative to the site and all the other buildings. Something about needing more room for bushes between the building and property line. :rolleyes: :p

Posted: by patricks

2015 Proper sequence when building changes elevation?

I have a building on a site (single model), with 3 linked consultant files. I need to change the elevation of the building by 1.0 feet. I will be moving the levels in my model to accomplish this, so that the toposurface points still read the correct elevations (if I use Relocate Project, the...

Posted: by patricks

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AUGIWorld September 2015 Issue Released!

AUGI’s annual dive into the salaries, benefits, workload, job satisfaction/dissatisfaction, etc. of its members is the highlight of the September 2015 issue of AUGIWorld. The 14th Annual AUGI Salary Survey provides a unique take on the information provided by AUGI...


Attend AU2015 and become an AUGI Premier Member Free!

Are you planning on attending AU2015 in Las Vegas this year? AUGI is rewarding the first 150 AUGI members who register with a free one year AUGI Premier Membership. Earlier this summer AUGI President Bob Bell discussed AUGI support for...


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Make name of reference plane visible in project file “tool tips”

A named reference plane is set to “weak reference” or above (ie not “not a reference) within a family and loaded into a project file. In the project file, when a named reference plane is highlighted (ie when dimensioning) the name of the reference plane…


Pdf with layers

Create pdf with layers. Layers based on categories. Our client requested this recently so he can turn on/off layers for clarity while reading pdf via tablet on site. We exported to cad & used the dwg to pdf printer but: - pcp file had…


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