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2014 Best workflow to correct naviswork clashes in Revit

Also using a little selective Interference Checking inside Revit first can help to reduce the number of clashes that need to coordination with other trades in the first place.

Posted: by Steve_Stafford

2015 Calculo de excavaciones y rellenos extras por formaletas

No se ven las imágenes. Aunque lo veas "prefabricado" so el subensamblaje del canal tiene forma, shape, también se puede cubicar. Porqué no le das mayor grosor a las paredes? O es que quieres cubicar el hormigon de limpieza y el hormigon propio de la canal in situ, por separado?

Posted: by joantopo565538

2014 Adding a special identifier to Electrical Panel to show in Home Run tags

Some firms just use a single Wire from the last receptacle to indicate a home run. Revit adds an arrow to the end of the wire to indicate it is the home run. The wire can be tagged to identify the panel it is a home run for. Since Revit is currently designed to use a Wire to determine and...

Posted: by Steve_Stafford

2015 File dialog start location

Look at the rememberfolder varible.

Posted: by Jmurphy

2015 Copy Demo

It is hard enough wrapping our heads around all the different permutations. Getting it all to work within the confines of software whether it is Revit or something else is just another level of complexity. I try to start at a common place where there is no dispute, we are doing this scope of...

Posted: by Steve_Stafford

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AUGIWorld December 2014 Issue Released!

Whether you're spending the first week of December at Autodesk University or it's business as usual in your office, you can, make that must, continually cultivate your professional network. This precious collection of colleagues can come to your rescue in...


AUGI HotNews - November 2014

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Change mathematical function types of some functions (round(), ceil(), floor())

Change mathematical function types used in parameters table. Instead of limiting units of ceil(), round() and floor() functions to “ul” they should be applied to any unit. Example of wished operation: - parameter value d0=50,001mm - parameter function d1=round(d0) should return value…





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