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remove attribute from blocks

---Quote (Originally by sambiase)--- Delete the block and then insert the block from your blocks list and the attributes will disappear. Works everytime. ---End Quote--- Hello there sambiase... This is very old thread that you're replying to, ..around 7 years old. Your resolution is valid,...

Posted: by tedg

Revit Running on Intel Mac

Hello, What are the Current Max Specs for external displays? I have a 2009 MBP which is about to kick the bucket, but honestly, i'm not all that impressed by the current specs. Can I run 2 or 3 of the new 5K dell monitors? how about 4K Dell or Asus? Is there a thunderbolt graphics card that can...

Posted: by Limbatus

2014 3 String Braid

Has anyone on this forum ever attempt to create a 3 string brand? Much like this one: ( ...

Posted: by rjshi95686920

starting a custom command from two variables

If I'm following you correctly what you need to do is use the defun function with two arguments Code: --------- (defun test(argument1 argument2 / local var) ...) --------- then call it like Code: --------- (test "top" "wbeam") ---------

Posted: by Tom Beauford

2015 Loading shared parameters

I don't have sample code to share at the moment, but this is possible. One way to do it is to set the Application.SharedParametersFilename to the pathname of your shared parameters file, then call Application.OpenSharedParameterFile() to get the DefinitionFile. From there, you can read in the...

Posted: by Elizabeth Shulok

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AUGIWorld December 2014 Issue Released!

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Avoid pipe disconnects when Reapply type option is used

When you use the Reapply type option on a large number of elements revit disconnects the major part of these elements and then you have to manually connect them again. There’s a lot of time lost reconnecting the elements. In my opinion this is…


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