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2012:Plafonds et poteaux porteurs

Est-ce que sur vos versions de Revit... lors de la création de plafond avec la commande automatique, les poteaux porteurs sont-ils inclus ou non ? Chez moi oui et je suis donc obligé de dessiner des contours pour les déduire et obtenir un affichage correct. Merci

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Autolisp for multiple elevation change of selected polylines

Hello Everyone, I have a lisp routine for changing an elevation for a polyline. It's working fine, but the problem is that I need to click one polyline at a time. I was thinking if it's possible to select multiple polylines (like in a crossbox selection), set an increment value (lets say 1'),...

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2015 Can Inventor produce flat sheet drawing for helical surface?

If you know a little about iLogic, this will be a snap : If you've never touched iLogic, at least it gives you the geometric formulae for unfolding these shapes. Inventor does not "flatten" these...

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2012 Frozen layer in Viewport becoming visible after save

Has anyone found a solution to this issue, I am running AutoCAD 2012, sp2: 'Frozen layer in Viewport becoming visible after save' Thanks

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2012: Poteau structure et mur, problème d'affichage en vue en plan

Il semblerait que le fait de lier mon faux-plaf à mes poteaux serait la cause de mon pb. Par-contre, si je les dissocie, mes poteaux structures restent couper.

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AUGIWorld July 2014 Issue Released!

Management is an aspect of everyone's job. You may lack a management level title or job description, but managing your drawings, your personal workflow, your productivity, is a big part of your professional life. With that in mind, the July...


AUGI HotNews - June 2014

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Substrate, Insulation and Finish Layers to wrap over Structural Core

I wish Wall end, Floor Boundary, Roof Boundary would mean actually structural end/boundary, so that Substrate, Insulation and Finish Layers would wrap to the outside or, in the case of openings, to the inside of the opening. That’s the way things are built…


Preview planes/axis in drawing view from browser

Show a preview of a plane or axis in a drawing view when highlighted in the browser similar to those shown while projecting geometry in a modeling 2D sketch.  Too many times I find myself “including” (then removing) several planes/axis until I get…


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