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Orient to section in 3D view

Agreed that this would be helpful but in the meantime you can speed things up considerably by creating a keyboard shortcut to access 'orient or view' rather than using the view cube. That will bring up a window that has a scroll bar rather than the lame list that is the default.

Posted: by Dimitri Harvalias

Find Block by Attribute

---Quote (Originally by timharris677625)--- I'm new to programming for Autocad, using VB from Visual Studio 2013 Express and Autocad 2012. My question: Is there a way to Find (zoom to) a block according to text value of two of its attributes? For my situation the block is a circle and would like...

Posted: by BlackBox

Pointclouds selection highlighting

A work around received from Autodesk helpdesk is to pin the pointcloud and set the highlight of pinned objects off.

Posted: by Arnout

Section Reference other views

remove from wish list is already in Revit 2015

Posted: by Arnout

2015 internal error - 'can't load child loader...'

hello! no, unfortunately i was not able to get this resolved. which is too bad. my workaround is to export to .dwf , jump through the 'transform' hoops in order for the model to have to right orientation, append to nw 2015. i'm using 2015. hopefully autodesk will address at some point and i'm...

Posted: by michaeld.183023

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Orient to section in 3D view

When you use Orient to section in 3D view then in a big model you have hundreds of sections to select from. Without a selection dialogue box. You get a long list to select a single section from. It would be a lot easier if…


Circuit information through a link

I would like to be able to circuit to equipment that is linked in from another model. Also be able to pull load data across a link and populate a panel board.


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