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2014 Greyed out.

I don't know if that might be something MAP specific, but without being able to see your screen - my first guess would be to make sure the visual style = 2D Wireframe.

Posted: by rkmcswain

2015 Insulation Detail Component - Triangular Pattern

Has any one made a rigid insulation detail component with the European style of triangular hatch? Like you see in Detail Magazine? A fill pattern doesn't work because the triangles need to align to the edge of the insulation board. I could make a repeating detail to do this but I don't think you...

Posted: by scottwadd345906

Export autocad fields to csv

Thinking some more Steps you would need: Convert the field to text Export the text Undo to get the fields back in the drawing. It will not affect the exported file. Ian_Bryant posted lisp to Convert Field to Text ...

Posted: by Tom Beauford

2015 Schedules

The last I heard it was not possible to transfer color schemes between projects. I don't think it is available via the API. Setup color schemes within your project template and go from there. Best I can do for standards. Cheers, Jeff S.

Posted: by jsteinhauer

2014 Itemized sheet list

Thomas, If you can find the lowest paid Revit user, or the least liked, make them do the manual data entry. Make sure to give them a realistic expectation of time to complete their task. I would figure 15 seconds a sheet, once the schedule is setup. It could probably be done in 8-10 seconds...

Posted: by jsteinhauer

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Change a Block to another Block

I noticed in the properties menu that you could change a dynamic block view (under custom heading) if it had multiple views/symbols setup in it. My wish is that you would have something similar to change the actual block to another block (under the…


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