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Un nouveau sur Revit!

Salut ! Bienvenue sur le forum Triphasé ! (Triphasé ça fait remonter des souvenirs de soirées déjantées... mais ça c'était avant...)

Posted: by Benoit D

2015 Achat par Autodesk de Eagle software ... et alors !!

sur tu fais une recherche "Site designer" dans le produit Revit .. il sort en premier... par contre par encore réussit à m'en servir ... je dois louper quelques choses ... (il est installé et fonctionnel ... mais il y a une question de terrain à convertir...

Posted: by

How Do You Use The Autoloader Mechanism?

---Quote (Originally by dgorsman)--- Interestingly enough, as the company scales up so does the importance of centralized custom content. Going with a local .bundle system will require some additional deployment to keep all the computers doing the same thing, the same way. That requires both...

Posted: by BlackBox

2014 Recieving Drawings from others

Reference Manager, Project Files search path/PROJECTNAME system variable, and above all EDUCATION ABOUT XREFS for the win here.

Posted: by dgorsman

.NET API functions to interrogated Civil 3D drawings for possible data shortcut dependencies

---Quote (Originally by Jeff_M)--- Now, this isn't how things normally get done. It's just an example of how one could... ---End Quote--- Fair enough, and thanks for the effort to clarify this , albeit easily avoidable, potentiality. I have deadlines tomorrow, and early next week, but should...

Posted: by BlackBox

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AUGI HotNews - September 2014

Read the full issue (must be logged into in your browser. The full issue contains the below articles, plus sections - Forum Hot Topics, Special Announcements, HP Workstations, Heads Up, Articles You May Have Missed, Autodesk News, AUGI Members'...


AUGIWorld September 2014 Issue Released!

Now that the economy is rebounding, professionals can turn their attention back to practical matters such as discovering how their earnings compare with those of their industry peers, what industries are hiring, what industries are laying off, how many people...


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incremental copy of text

While TCOUNT is okay, it’s uncontrolled for irregular shaped patterns of text. What would be good is a way to copy text and have the value increment (positively & negatively) by a user set value, as the new copy is placed. I do a…


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