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Developing in .NET for AutoCAD

Just hit F5 and it will compile the code and start acad. Normally, you would type NETLOAD and begin debugging. If I'm doing a lot of coding, I'll put a line in my mnl like *(netload "pathToDebugDll")* and this will autoload your dll. For autocad to run at F5, you have to set your project properties...

Posted: by Ed Jobe

Certification First Attempt 2015

Hello, ok so..After using AutoCAD for 10+ years, I finally decided to get certified. Today I took the test (2 hours and 35 questions, 160$)..and Failed miserably. The reason I am posting here is to get some reviews and comments. Firstly, I answered all questions and I think most of them (70%)...

Posted: by awardeecad690784

2014 New pipe family not displaying correctly in profile

---Quote (Originally by jtaylor690643)--- Another oddity: If I create a network consisting of my custom parts in a new drawing, the pipes display at the correct dimensions. Unfortunately, if I copy and paste my already-created network into a new file, the incorrect display issue comes over with...

Posted: by BlackBox

2015 Calculating Room Population

Inconsistent units is a quirky software issue because you are doing math on values based on two different kinds of units; area and integer (which is sort of unitless). To resolve the warning just divide by 1 (in some cases multiply by 1). If your formula looks like this: Area / Population and you...

Posted: by Steve_Stafford

Project Navigator MEP 2015

Does anyone know where a good tutorial is located for Project Navigator for AutoCAD MEP 2015?

Posted: by wiegmanroger433258

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AUGI HotNews - January 2015

Read the full issue (must be logged into in your browser. The full issue contains the below articles, plus sections - Forum Hot Topics, Special Announcements, HP Workstations, Articles You May Have Missed, Heads Up, Autodesk News, AUGI Members'...


AUGIWorld January 2015 Issue Released!

Another new year, another chance to reflect, reset, and refresh. As we slip into 2015, how about making personal and professional progress #1 on your to-do list? With a little help from your AUGIWorld friends, you can get a great...


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Collapse Categories in Browser

In the browser when you have expanded sheets or family categories to look at views or individual families, it is time consuming to collapse each one individually.  It would be very Helpful to have a “collapse all” option for expanded items in the browser…


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