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Print Preview causes Fatal Errors

[QUOTE=rkmcswain;1274445"... how are you guys getting any production done?"[/QUOTE] We finally convinced upper management to upgrade software.

Posted: by Darren Allen

2015 Layout Tab issues since install of SP2 for AutoCAD 2015

---Quote (Originally by kcover)--- A couple of my guys have been having issues with tabs "jumping" to new locations. For instance, they have a "T-1" tab on the left side next to the "Model" tab. When they choose the "T-1" tab, it jumps to the end of the list of tabs. Any Ideas. These drawings...

Posted: by BlackBox

2015 Copy tabs in paper space

They have fixed this with the latest service pack (SP2)

Posted: by kcover

2014 Viewport border disappeared and cannot select viewport anymore

---Quote (Originally by jthurman911107)--- Like previous post stated if the limits of your vport match the sheet border or other line work it will always be 'behind' in the draw order. Do a left crossing selection then look under the selection pulldown (top of the properties menu box) to see if...

Posted: by tedg

2015 Target Profile

---Quote (Originally by tim_newsome)--- I have an Assembly with one Sub-assembly "DaylightBasin". Its the EOP of a cul-da-sac. Right side target surface is responding correctly My "target Profile" is set to the correct new profile but the Tin is not responding to it. ---End Quote--- There...

Posted: by BlackBox

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Scheduled Site Outage Today at 2pm PT has been experiencing somewhat frequent outages recently. As such, the AUGI Board of Directors has initiated a switch in its server host and that migration will take place today. This outage (beginning at 2pm Pacific time) will affect


AUGI HotNews - September 2014

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Multiple Sample Line Groups for an Alignment

I’m designing a long road in a residential area.  I have cross sections that I’m using in the actual roadway design, and then other cross sections that I’m using for the driveway designs.  It would be nice to have a…


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