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2014 Do I need to neutralize a value in this formula??

This pops up in my firm often. I'd like to have Revit display a not applicable value for unit measured parameters that may not apply to that particular object. In the past, this was a "-" in the ACAD schedule, but now, if we use a measured unit, we have to leave that parameter blank, because "-" is...

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2014 Gaming Keyboard for AutoCAD?

Had I happened across this thread sooner I would have recommended one of these. Art Lebedev Popularis ( and Maximus ( They are costly though.

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Help! Need a quick .LSP to measure and display areas for multiple closed polylines.

Could one of you LISP gurus help me out? I need a LISP routine that will allow me to select (using the standard methods) a group of closed polylines, and display the area of each one at its corresponding origin vertex. At the time I run this routine, all objects in the display will be closed...

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2015 Interference Edges

My company is currently using ACM 2015 and design using 3D solids. We create viewports in paperspace using the AMDWGVIEW commands in the Drawing Layout toolbar. When we create the 4 views (front, right, top, iso) and parts are not lined up properly the iso view does not show the interference...

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2012 Frozen layer in Viewport becoming visible after save

Has anyone found a solution to this issue, I am running AutoCAD 2012, sp2: 'Frozen layer in Viewport becoming visible after save' Thanks

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AUGIWorld July 2014 Issue Released!

Management is an aspect of everyone's job. You may lack a management level title or job description, but managing your drawings, your personal workflow, your productivity, is a big part of your professional life. With that in mind, the July...


AUGI HotNews - June 2014

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Wall Mount Light Fixtures Need Annotation Families Too

Wall mounted light fixtures, exit lights, remote heads, need annotation families just like ceiling mounted light fixtures. We need to control them in the exact same manner as ceiling mounted fixtures.


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