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2015 Can I derive a part from the content center?

---Quote (Originally by RvdVeek)--- crullier, Can I derive a part from the content center? No, not directly, because the content center contains no Models. When you insert a part out of the Content Center, the CC will create a model out of a database. If you want to use this model, let's say a...

Posted: by crullier

2015 Centering or placing a sketch feature equidistant from reference.

---Quote (Originally by rmckenna683395)--- Just to add my 2 cents. Remember points can be vertically or horizontally constrained to another line or point/midpoint/endpoint. Vertical and Horizontal constraints don't just apply to lines. ---End Quote--- ah, thank you. Very useful insight. did not...

Posted: by crullier

2014 Multiple Selection

Thanks for your help.

Posted: by slovenc0417

2014 Node object snap

My object snap to node has stopped working for single line text, even though I have checked to see that it is on. I can see other nodes, but not for text. I cleared all the snaps and turned back on the ones I need, including snap to node, but snap to node for text is still missing. Any ideas?

Posted: by patricia.mclish677508

2014 Importing Points - Assumed Datum

---Quote (Originally by ironmlh)--- If you need your data on , make sure it's in your subcontract (if your subbing out survey work) and hold them to it. If this is an internal problem then you need to address it with the surveyor. I haven't used an assumed vertical datum in...

Posted: by Iceberg

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Create Design Control points

I’m setting profile grades for 2+ roads and would like the elevation at the intersection of the centerlines to match.  Is there a way to set it to where if I update one C/L elevation at the intersection, the elevation for the other…


Rotate pipe network structure by view orientation

Enable a toggle to be able to set the view orientation of a pipe network structure to match that of the view port.  Particularly for the plan view display of structures that use a block with a letter designation. When enabled a storm drain…


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