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2014 Attaching exist level based framing to new sloping reference plane

Raise the girder. The end attachments of the beams should adjust to the new elevation. Also be careful when importing from ram. Make sure your Ram model was set to the same units as your revit model. Decimal Feet are not the same as inches. 12.67' is not 12'-8". Just one of those things I...

Posted: by david_peterson


Creo que sería de mucha ayuda si subes alguna imagen, así te podemos indicar cual es el problema.

Posted: by davila.vanegas

2015 export to CAD

Do you want to export Sheets or Plans? If all you want is Plans, then it's easy. Just create a new View and set up a View Template to show only what you need. If you need Sheets, then you'll have to mess around with the Views VT's that are already on Sheets

Posted: by DaveP

2014 Walls and complex historical window openings

Hi all, the easiest/fastest way to create this window is in the family editor, where you can create the voids needed to make the openings. If you don't know how to make this in the family editor, create generic elements as voids to cut the walls and you get the same result. Thanks in advance,...

Posted: by avalencia60

2015 Formula Help

I try to avoid using a Project Parameter as a basis for formulas of Calculated Values. The reason is that if a Yes/No Parameter is added, the initial value of this Parameter in every instance will be a null value (neither Yes nor No). This will result in a blank cell for the Calculated Value,...

Posted: by CADastrophe

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Sheet Set Manager Drag’n'Drop Population Tool

First: I would like a ‘locking’ property be added to SSM subsets so that when activated, sheets in that subset stay where they’re at and in that order. Second: An option added to the SSM right click menu called something like ‘enable copy’, …


Align Multiple

If you want to align multiple items to a single alignment point you currently have to execute these one by one. With align multiple you pick one point to be aligned to and then each thing you select until ending the command will align to…


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