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2014 Wrong annotative scale calculation for Mtext??

You are right about the TEXTSIZE var... I don't know how to explain my doubts, but here are some more things to be cleared. Change the style to Standard, and create a Mtext. The text height will be 2.5(model text height) Switch the style to Annotative and create a Mtext. The text height will...

Posted: by sandeep_koodal

2014 Adding part information to modeled part.

---Quote (Originally by Wanderer)--- lol, don't be afraid... We don't bite... usually. ---End Quote--- Here it is: If I make an ipart with a custom parameter for length (custom factory I believe it the terminology) When I bring such part into the assembly, I would like to "activate and drag"...

Posted: by crullier

2015 Repairing ACAD 2K LT install

I'm posting this question on bahalf of my father who is using this version of ACAD on a Windpws XP PC which is OFF the grid completely. He has suddenly begun to experience adverse behaviour with basic tasks like drawing lines, creating angles, etc. going whacky. Cannot even connect a horizontal...

Posted: by ccoulter690810

How To Find Blocks (Logic)

So, I am moving my code over to VB.NET finally, and I am understanding the syntax and making decent progress. I literally have the ENTIRE thing working in VB.NET, as crazy as that seems, EXCEPT the part that I originally didn't know how to do (lol). Edit: So, I see what ObjectBrowser does, and...

Posted: by e_casagrande394681

Certification First Attempt 2015

Was this the official Autodesk Certification? Associate or Professional? (Presuming that is still the two labels they use)

Posted: by rkmcswain

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