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2015 internal error - 'can't load child loader...'

hello! no, unfortunately i was not able to get this resolved. which is too bad. my workaround is to export to .dwf , jump through the 'transform' hoops in order for the model to have to right orientation, append to nw 2015. i'm using 2015. hopefully autodesk will address at some point and i'm...

Posted: by michaeld.183023

2015 Element 584107 has become corrupt at sometime before session

This is a new one for me. I have no clue on how to fix this and get my model back. I really don't have the time to recreate it also. Anyone out there have any clue on how get rid of this?

Posted: by jcb777

Is anyone using "cloud" technologies in shipbuilding?

I am curious if anyone working in the marine or offshore industry are using cloud technologies. i.e. BIM 360 Glue/Field, Autodesk 360, A360 Drive, Dropbox, etc. Also curious if you are still using ftp or email to pass drawings and other various documents? I would be interested to know what the...

Posted: by DenisMorais

List of Shipconstructor Users

What specifically are you trying to collect? Are you just looking for a list of user names of a project? If that is the case you can: 1. Open Manager 2. Database Utilities > Raw Data 3. In server objects select GEN > GEN_tblUserLogins This will list all the users which can log in to the...

Posted: by DenisMorais

explaining Civil-3D to the casual ACAD user

I've often described it as an onion, where the Civil 3D functionality is built on top of Map 3D, which itself is built on top of AutoCAD... Thus inheriting the functionality of each nested layer.

Posted: by BlackBox

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Circuit information through a link

I would like to be able to circuit to equipment that is linked in from another model. Also be able to pull load data across a link and populate a panel board.


Add coordinates and elevation of extruded/modified 3D solids

When you use AutoCad’s modeling tools to create solids, the coordinate location and elevation is shown in the properties.  As soon as those solids are edited, either sliced, unioned, etc., all these properties are removed, making it difficult to actually locate the solid.…


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