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2014 Aligned Dimension: Properties Grayed out.

The OP needs to edit the dimstyle, go to the Fit tab, uncheck the Place text manually button (lower right area).

Posted: by reikajapan

Help me change that code, please

Yes my friend, Its the only way to count the floor. I have to explode the hatch and the polylines. Maybe if you have other solution. It will be wellcome. Regards

Posted: by Scooby

Link 2 cells in different Tables

The reason you are getting ###### is because you are trying to link to a cell VIA formula that has text. It needs to be a formula for it to work.You did steps 1-3, but not 4. See below. To use a cell from a different table in a formula 1. Select the table cell...

Posted: by cadpres

2015 Plant 3D compared to Inventor

I do piping design and was wondering what the similarities are between the Plant 3D (that my current employer is considering getting) and Inventor in regards to locking pieces together. I currently use CADWORX and would gleefully chuck it out the window. I have several years experience with...

Posted: by beekermail130534

2015 Drawing Not staying flat

and if the drawing you are getting in was done with a vertical app, MEP, Civil3D, architecture, the elements nested in the proxy objects may have an elevation internally that FLATTEN can't touch. e.g. the WALL object may be at z=0, but the LINEs that represent the WALL may be at a different Z.

Posted: by cadtag

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Use formulas in properties

change object spatial/mathematical properties using formulas (+ - / * etc). I know it could be calculated and transferred from QuickCalc, but skip the step of copy/pasting from one window to another by allowing formulas to be calculated directly in the property cell. Next step function:…


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