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2015 Editting Subassemblies

I think you need to delete the subassembly and then attach a new one (maybe multiple).

Posted: by wbiskey

2015 Metal Deck Profile with Detail Component

The problem comes at the end of the deck. In my experience, you can never the the flute and girder fillers (which aren't a part of it) in the correct location. Which part of the reason why I always just do drafting views for these kinds of things. The section you draw is never correct.

Posted: by david_peterson

Problem vba code

Hello everyone I need your help to fix this code I'm trying to adapt to my needs . Let me explain what happens I open autocad and insert attributes from another excel sheet with a sequence selected from a table , such as : 1st Ftc_NO 2nd Ftc_NC 3rd Ftc_NO 4th Cont_NO 5th Cont_NC 6th...

Posted: by chiab_gigi

Practice Model/Render

Every so often I draw something random as I spend most of my time training and supporting AutoCAD. This dalek was modelled in AutoCAD 2010/2012 then renderd in a AutoCAD 2014 Attachment 98949 (

Posted: by Carrot_CAD

Lisp routine doesn't work

Sorry about that. I meant the Blockdelete.lsp. However, I would run a MyPurge.lsp anyway to clean out the rest of the accumulated clutter. I was fixated on the removal of the unwanted blocks.

Posted: by boyerd492098

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AUGI HotNews - January 2015

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free size parameter/duct tag needs to display correctly in section

The duct “size” parameter, when added to a duct tag, shows the widthxheight correctly in Revit, that is, on plan view, the width is the first dimension and in section/elevation, the height is the first dimension.  If ductwork is lined on a project,…


Model Groups change level

Model groups made of 4 reference planes, interior walls unconnected height, no hosted families, 8 non-hosted families (plumbing fixtures/casework/appliances) and when the owner makes a change to the floor level height we need to change the level height or move the model groups to a…


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