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Code Problem!

Code: --------- (defun c:cblnum ( / x y ss att1 att2 stii ) (setq x (car (nentsel "\n Select The First Attribute Value : "))) (setq y (car (nentsel "\n Select The Second Attribute Value : "))) (setq ss (car (entsel "\n Select Text : "))) (setq att1 (cdr (assoc 1 (entget x)))) (setq...

Posted: by marko_ribar

2014 cloud-based Revit?

What about Project Bluestreak?

Posted: by Norton_cad

2015 Mulitple LED Light Fixture

This is probably something best answered by the developers themselves. It isn't obvious (to users) whether we should attempt to model the light source, each LED individually, or the overall light source results in the family. A fixture with more or less LED's will certainly produce different light...

Posted: by Steve_Stafford

2012 Conception bocal couvercle vissant

Bonjour à tous, Je travail à la création d'un bocal inox avec couvercle vissant (inox aussi) et j'aimerais savoir comment bien dessiner/concevoir les "saillies vissantes" sur les 2 pièces pour que ça fonctionne correctement dans la réalité (vissage parfaitement solidaire). Y a-t-il une méthode...

Posted: by pierredominique4

2015 Align profile pipes with polyline

Thank you rkmcswain. I mean align pipes on profile view. I have a lot of profile views (+- 100) and i made on all profile views, one polyline that has my slope options and not civil rules. Now i want to align center pipes along my polylines. I have try align command but not work. I know that...

Posted: by paulof

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Traverse adjustment

Autodesk owns TDS and the whole line of survey data collectors. I have used TDS for years (+- 10 years ) and it has a great routine to adjust traverses. Have autocad read the .raw or .rw5 file in and run the same routine that is on…


Culverts Tool

A tool that will enable a user to insert a culvert from a base of styles, and types in a 3D capacity. To have a pre-created library of culverts that can be easily inserted and placed per style and size in a location with possible…


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