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2010 zoom + regen = crash and corrupt file, but only on this pc???

All of the workstations involved are running AutoCAD 2010 on Win8.1? It could be any number of things. One thing to try would be to create a new windows profile on that machine (log in as a different, new user) and see if the problem crops up.

Posted: by rkmcswain

2015 Can Revit grips be given min/max limits to the end user?

You can dimension a parameter to the weak or strong refplane/line for your grips but have the model attached to a refplane that is set to "not a reference" with the dimension to this refplane having the formula with the "grip" dimension parameter in it to suit the min/max criteria. The grips...

Posted: by Alex Page

2015 Animating objects in 3d

hi, I see that you can have a walkthrough in a 3d model, and save the animation. I was trying to animate some objects while keeping the camera in one place. Please tell me if this is possible in Acad 2015? For example, the building and camera remain steady, but the car drives into the...

Posted: by rajivsapre677661

2013 Autocad - Clip in table from datalinks

Hello. Is there anyone who know how to clip or crop a table from a datalinks. I only need to show some of the coloums and rows in the table. The table is used a couple of times in my drawing. I am looking forward to hear from you. Regards Jesper

Posted: by jsv364870

2015 Qleader Spline displays as straight lines

I created a qleader as a "spline with arrow" (3 points) in one tab and it worked fine. I then copied and pasted this spline into another tab and it now displays as straight lines rather than a curve. The original leader still displays correctly though. The properties still state that it is a...

Posted: by matthew.bessen678535

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AUGIWorld August 2014 Issue Released!

One would think successful collaboration among team members would be virtually effortless. Really, with all the technology available these days, how hard could it be for professionals, even those who aren't housed in the same office, to work together and...


Get Advance Pass for AU2014

The Advance Pass sale (which is new this year) continues until August 19. Registration for Advance Pass holders opens August 20. Everyone else gets to register a week later, which a greater chance to get the classes you want. When...


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Out of view selection

Select your first point then when you zoom in and pan to select finer point you lose your selection ones out of window. You can only select objects that are only inside your window.


String Parameters & Field Functionality in a Single Block

I want to create a block that is basically a mtext object that has fields that display the variables that I need.  I can get the fields to work fine if the variable is numeric by having a construction line length that is controlled…


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