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Search for layout tab existance in a drawing prior to printing

As you've learned, the = (equal) operator is looking for two strings that are an exact match (i.e. string case). You could hard-code exactly the string casing you want, or simply use the *STRCASE (*...

Posted: by BlackBox

Color Coordination

Consider adding a 'status' parameter to views and then you can sort them in the browser or your view schedule accordingly. Not as intuitive as color but just as easy.

Posted: by Dimitri Harvalias


---Quote (Originally by cmonnier)--- I have been using the VLR_COMMAND.lsp by Peter Jamtgaard and really like this lisp routine. The only problem is that every time I open a new drawing file I have to run the ALON command before it will work. Is there a way to have this work without having to run...

Posted: by rkmcswain

Updating AutoLisp with DCL

Hello, I could use some help updating a lisp routine to include DCL. The routine was written by someone else, then edited by someone else and now I'm trying to update it. The routine reads a text document and uses fields within it to increment values in an attribute attached to our...

Posted: by chris.d.rawlings388414

2015 Parcel Labels

I am labeling parcel segment through the "add parcel labels" and I am selecting the line label style I want yet when I select the parcel segment it is labeling with the "Standard" parcel label style. It kind of seems like some parenting labeling command can't be over written but I don't know how...

Posted: by tim_newsome

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AUGIWorld February 2015 Issue Released!

Are you a beginner when it comes to using Autodesk software? Now before you answer - "No way... I've been using AutoCAD forever" - think about it. If you are a long-time AutoCAD user who is new to Autodesk Revit,...


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Color Coordination

If I could mark a view by color then I could (at a glance) see which views have not been started. Which are partially complete and which are complete.


Highlight revisions to schedules

Highlight a cell which has been changed to inidicate an amendment for construction. Simple background colour to individual cells where the information has been revised.


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