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2015 How do you cut back the ends of roof rafters so that it's not 90 degrees?

Without a whole lot of investigation, doesn't revit already do this with the "Cope" tool?

Posted: by rbcameron1

Force Reload Enterprise CUI

Thanks Blackbox. In what situations did it not work?

Posted: by chuh


Good thing to learn! You can do some labeling if you XREF in the surface drawing, but that's pretty much the limit. DREF lets you change styles, displays, pretty much everything except edit and change the surface. Downside of DREF is that there's no 'DCLIP', so if there's a huge amount of...

Posted: by cadtag

2015 Deleting MEP families from ARCH model

I am interested in deleting families most associated with MEP including conduits and piping systems. As an architecture firm who works with engineers for these items, they are not needed or used in our model. I find having these extra items (the two I listed are just examples, there are many more)...

Posted: by bwilliams133

Add Stations to Polyline

1+ for getting Civil software, such as Civil 3D. That aside, ARRAY Command may work for linear 'alignments', but for situations where you're attempting to label a non-linear 'base line' (which also works for linear, mind you), I'd instead use the MEASURE Command... You just may have to do it...

Posted: by BlackBox

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AUGIWorld March 2015 Issue Released!

When it comes to using Autodesk software, there are a couple of certainties. One is that you will not use the software in its out-of-the-box state for very long. The other is that you will, over time, learn an impressive...


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Tag area on main floor plan

We use Room Tags to address individual room name & room area.  Area tags are used for total apartment area calculation. The tags for rooms are available on main floor plans but area tags are only available on area plans. We need to tag…


Elevator Family Category

I would love to have an elevator family category that would map to the levels in a project.  For example, if I have a 20 story building with differing floor-to-floor heights, it would be amazing to be able to insert an elevator family at the…


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