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2015 Stairs won't display hidden lines?

Hmmm. Looks like you're right. In 2015 if you create a stair by sketch it still shows the hidden lines but the component stairs don't. Looks like this problem with component stairs goes all the way back to 2013 (last version I currently have installed) so I'm guessing it's always been a problem...

Posted: by Dimitri Harvalias

Round Duct tap into a Rectangular Duct

---Quote (Originally by Jrobker)--- Connect into uses the type of duct you select to connect into. It does not use the current/active type. If you want it to use a specific type you need to have it drawn and select that duct 2nd in the "command". ---End Quote--- That does not seem to work in...

Posted: by Tbird2298

2015 the Blips

Hmm, redefining it works, but, it looks like you can actually call it from ".blipmode" to toggle it off and on without redefining it first.

Posted: by Wanderer

starting a custom command from two variables

no not like that app to do steel shape..... I have multiple custom command like c:topwbeam or c:topsbeam inside a vlx.. (draw a top view of a w beam or s beam will the corresponding sizes)..... I have xdata save to objects. one of them is *top* and one of them is *wbeam* for example ..... (to...

Posted: by MikeViller

2015 Display Manager Config Selection missing from AA2015

I cannot get my Display Configuration to stay. Toggled it on in the Options dialog box, but it won't stick.

Posted: by spilon396802

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Avoid pipe disconnects when Reapply type option is used

When you use the Reapply type option on a large number of elements revit disconnects the major part of these elements and then you have to manually connect them again. There’s a lot of time lost reconnecting the elements. In my opinion this is…


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