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Tracking down Text Styles

The key words are "easy way". No. I tend to save out the families that I know have text then open them one by one, changing as required, then load them back into the template. It's a pain, but typically it's just a one time pain that you can do within a couple hours once you get the...

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Revit 2012 Sync and Compression takes 30 minutes

It's difficult to diagnose not knowing the current status of your computer. Does your computer have an "N:" drive? If so, is it a network drive? The first thing to attempt is a CLEAN uninstall of the software. This is different from a regular uninstall....

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Who got to choose their CAD software?

I am about to state something which will sound very off topic, but I promise to bring it back to the subject at hand. I love pencils. It's actually rare to find me without one assuming I am in any type of professional situation. I really enjoy mechanical pencils too. I'll purchase a fairly...

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2014 Is barcode usage a thing of the past?

I wonder how many companies use Bar Codes? And I wonder what would be the cost to change to QR Coding. I read a lot about QR Codes and Bar Codes. It seems since bar odes are only one dimensional and QR Codes are two dimensional, QR Coding a better choice. Also seems more and more companies ...

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Free Online Revit Tutorials Videos

Well, the original post is from 2011, so a broken link isn't surprising. But the blog link actually does still work... there appears to be at least one video of mine on it.

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Management is an aspect of everyone's job. You may lack a management level title or job description, but managing your drawings, your personal workflow, your productivity, is a big part of your professional life. With that in mind, the July...


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Change label style text heights and positioning

I would like to have a dialog box that would allow me to change a drawing’s and/or template’s current label text style heights as well as their positioning.  Perhaps as a relationship in percentage of difference between the original text height…


Revit Links Parameters

need to attach shared or project parameters to any link in my file


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