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Un nouveau dans le monde merveilleux du BIM

Bonjour et bienvenue sur le forum ! ps: j'ai supprimé la deuxième discussion qui faisait doublon, et je ne sais pour quelle raison était modérée !

Posted: by Benoit D

cnvert to dxf aama

Hi, attached an example of dxf aama. Unfortunately npon I can open it, how can I be able to open the file to see how it's done? thanks bb

Posted: by blubossa

2013 a surveyor unit input question

my first time doing this. trying to draw the property line w/ surveyor units. I googled and figured out i can just start my line at any point and type @length

Posted: by utakecare2003

2014 How do i show the GPO graphic above the bench?

Hi all I know this has been discussed before and if someone could post links, I'll quite happily read there but otherwise.... 1. I have a desk. It's edge is against the wall. 2. At skirting level I have a GPO on the wall. Is is placed where you usually kick it when sitting at your desk. 3....

Posted: by t.eugene.lee285564

2014 Is this form possible to create in Revit?

Or, you could do it in Revit.

Posted: by Alfredo Medina

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Allow plan view perpendicular to workplane

Working on sloped structures the plan views are always perpendicular to levels and horizontal making working on a 1:100 or similar sloped floor or roof awkward as the plan view is not representative of the slab being dealt with. This also makes sections very awkward where…


Restored performance

AutoCAD has become a slow program to work with over the years. The last version I could properly work with is 2012, all successors are utterly slow, 2015 being the absolute winner! I wish AutoDesk could focus on a lean and mean CAD-program like AutoCAD used to…


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